One language sets you in a corridor for life.
Two languages open every door along the way.

Frank Smith

Learn English in small group of 20 hours per week, master every aspect of the language: speaking and listening, reading and writing.

Our tutoring sessions make learning more social, and are tailored to your unique needs and personal schedule.

Close your books and go explore. Practice and Learn English while discovering one of America’s most historic hubs, and citywide adventures each week.

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“ISAL instructors were knowledgeable about our industry, quickly grasped our business, and were extremely thorough, professional, time-focused, and a pleasure to work with,” “They also acted as employee mentors in their cross-cultural experience. Their expertise inspired me to push the cross-cultural boundaries of Kaspersky Lab confidently.”

Alena Reva
Alena RevaVice President of Human Resources at Kaspersky Lab Americas

For me, it’s a pleasure studying at ISAL. I am improving my English every day due to this school. The most important thing for me is the way that they teach, and how the teachers are prepared to answer all my questions.

Francisco Esparza Dueñas
Francisco Esparza DueñasMexicoWatch his video

We are like a family… I like my friends and teachers… My teachers are very devoted.

Vildan Ozyurt Ozdemir
Vildan Ozyurt OzdemirTurkey

The teachers are nice and well-qualified, the environment is friendly, and all the students are hardworking and helpful. Also, the location close to Boston downtown is very convenient. I learned a lot from the classes and the outside events, like field trips and others activities.

Alex Simões
Alex SimõesBrazilWatch his video

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