The Boston Marathon is nearly upon us

It’s spring again and the Boston Marathon is nearly upon us! For those of you wondering, this is one of Bean Town’s most cherished traditions and is an event that brings everyone (natives and visitors alike) together. Go cheer on the contestants and find yourself transformed instantly into a member of a proud community!

And yet, though many are excited to attend the event as a spectator, I’m sure there will be more than a few on the sidelines quietly burning with athletic ambitions of their own. If you’ve ever had the urge to run yourself but felt daunted by the full 26 miles (42 km) of a marathon, you might consider signing up for a half-marathon, which, as the name suggests, is only 13 miles. Here’s a list of races this year in MA:

And before you convince yourself that even 13 miles is beyond you, consider the fact that you don’t necessarily have to run sober:

Wishing good luck to all the Boston Marathon runners!