Do you engage with the news?

Do you engage with the news?I’m always surprised by how many people actively avoid the engaging with the news, but I understand why. Let’s face it; the news can be a real downer. However, keeping up with journalism isn’t just a moral obligation, it’s also a great way to improve your vocabulary and ability to carry conversations.

That’s why I recommend downloading at least one news app onto your phone and in my experience, the best of the bunch is the NPR (National Public Radio) app. The articles are often short but well written and the app offers reliably diverse content that’s updated frequently. What’s more, many of the stories are released with a full audio recording.

For example, today’s stories included an inside look into the way Uber treats its drivers:

It’s quality reporting that you can consume as text or audio. It also gives you perspective on an aspect of society you may have never considered. This is why I love the app: You’re never more than a few clicks away from a deeper connection with the people and stories around you.

So, whether it’s light-hearted pop culture pieces or deeply incisive political analysis you’re looking for, the NPR app won’t disappoint!