Explore Boston’s vibrant culture while improving
your language skills through complete English immersion.

Explore Boston and discover the culture – all while immersing yourself in the English language and assimilating to local life.

Step out of the classroom and learn by exploration, sightseeing and having fun.

Watch yourself transform from a tourist to a local in just a few short weeks, and make lifelong friends and memories with other students along the way.

You will visit nationally-recognized museums and art galleries, explore historic parks and monuments, see local theater and music performances, and watch Boston’s beloved sports teams play ball.

Let us take you on a tour of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Common, or Fenway Park.

If you’re interested, you can visit the campuses of Boston’s world-renowned universities, like Harvard or MIT.

“Hey, buddy, I got 2 tickets to the Sox tonight at Fenway, you interested? Take ya lady friend, or ya guy friend, don’t matter to me.”

“Listen, you got plans later? I was thinking of grabbing a slice and a cold one and sittin’ by the Charles. Let me know, dude.”

We’ll even teach you how to perfect the local accent – so you can go home sounding like a native Bostonian!

Summer 2015


Learning language through culture


Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring


1 to 4 weeks


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